Who We Are

We are a deicated institution with professional staff committed to our students. We are a friendly student first faculty. We teach students how to excel in examinations and interviews, achieving beyond the curriculum. With our students kept in mind, we are responsive with extensive, powerful interactive sessions. We train students to enhance their analytical skills.



At Nesam IAS Academy, talent is nurtured and learning is valued. Challenge is welcomed, patricipation is expected and achievement is prized. Students are beyond satifisfied and prosper at the instition.

High academic expectations are central to our purpose and these are sustained through an extensive programme of support and guidance. Pupils develop their confidence and enthusiasm through a wide range of creatiuve endeavours.

We create an inspiring environment where students develop a curiosity about the world and take pride in their progress. We encourage our students to reach their potential and become confident life-long learners in society.


To provide stimulating and challenging learning opportunities, enabling every student to fulfil his/her potential.

A continuous focus on the quality of learning for our student is at the heart of everything we do. Our broad, balanced, creative curriculum and enrichment activities provide opportunities for all to achieve and succeed. We celebrate our achievements, differences and cultural diversity. Together we take pride in making a positive contribution to our society and the wider community.

We believe in life long learning as an integral part of life and the seeds of the future are sown here, in a safe, challenging and exciting environment.